Voices of Hope – March 12th 2019

“All One in Christ” (Part 2) – “Breaking Down Dividing Walls” by Alex Clare-Young

Alex Clare Young

Reconciliation to each-other and to something bigger than ourselves – whether that be God, the environment, humanitarian principles or simply love – gives me hope.

To me, Paul’s pronouncement that to be part of the body of Christ we have to let go of divisions supports and summarises that hope.

A different verse about ‘male and female’ (found in Genesis 1:27), has been used against me and other trans people for a very long time but, as my understandings of Scripture have broadened and deepened, I have become convinced that it doesn’t mean what people think it means!

God created humanity to be in relationship with each-other and with the world. It is humans, not God, who have broken down and forbidden relationships.

God seeks our redemption, speaking into existence a world where categories don’t matter any more; where each of us is in free dialogue with each-other not despite, but precisely because of, our differences. Paul’s words aren’t about ironing out our differences, they are about celebrating the love that makes us one.

As a student minister in the United Reformed Church (URC), I have spent a lot of time considering the nature of unity. The problem, I think, is that a lot of people confuse unity with conformity, or uniformity.

We don’t all need to be the same! We don’t all need to think the same! We certainly don’t all need to act the same! Unity in God’s created, creative and recreating diversity is a source of real, filled-to-the-brim-and-overflowing-with-grace, hope.

My hope, as a trans-masculine person training for ministry and serving those at the margins of Church and society, is that one day all will be welcomed, named and heard as the unique human beings that we are.

Break down the dividing walls! Abolish the either/or check boxes!

Who are you? No, really, who are you?

A Prayer

Creating, Creative, Recreating One,

Where we see barriers, help us to knock them down.

Where doors and tightly closed, help us to open them.

Where there only seem to be two options, help us to erase the boxes and embrace your diversity.

We thank and praise you for the fantastic and awesome differences that you create and recreate in your people and in the world.

May we embody your creative image and embrace life in all its fullness,


Tomorrow – Andrea King, “May They Also Be In Us”, John 17: 20-21


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  1. Anna Sutton says:

    Heard a radio play recently where they talked about “chop sticks”, not a knife and fork or spoon to eat with, but two sticks who did the job together. A clever idea, I thought. Regards Anna

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