Voices of Hope – March 23rd 2019

“Created in God’s Image” (Part 6) – “The Best Bolly!” by Canon Robert Hammond

Robert Hammond

Isn’t it strange that we often keep precious things in fragile containers?

Great Bordeaux, Burgundy and Champagne wines costing thousands of pounds are stored in glass bottles offering no protection if dropped and smashed. Of course, the treasure we have, ‘the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ’ is far more precious than any Pomerol, Gevrey Chambertin or even Dom Perignon.

But where is that treasure kept? The answer is “in us” – perplexed, persecuted and afflicted people.

Many of us who are LGBTI will have felt some of those emotions and feelings during our Christian lives. Perplexed by being sure of who we are and while sure of our total acceptance by God, constantly being told by some of the church we must repent of the sin of being who we are.

Persecuted by many in a church that seems to see LGBTI people as a threat, not a gift to be opened, celebrated and used for Christ’s purposes.  Afflicted by feelings of not being good enough, straight enough, Christian enough.

We are like clay jars; hand made by a skilled craftsman, beautifully decorated, filled with an amazingly precious treasure.

But we can be broken and that treasure spill out and evaporate.

As LGBTI Christians it must be our role to be that beautiful clay jar, keeping that treasure in the best condition, opening ourself so others can experience it, and not allow ourselves to be broken by those who want to drop and smash us.

A Prayer

Heavenly Father,

You crafted us in your image, as a potter creates beautiful jars, to be containers for the treasure that is the light and power of Jesus Christ.

Give us this Lent the strength not to be broken by those who do not understand us but to be strong and resilient for the sake of your Gospel; a message of hope and salvation to us all.


Next week – a series of reflections on “The Healing Power of Love”

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