Voices of Hope – March 28th 2019

“The Healing Power of Love” (Part 4) – “Seeing is Believing” by Alex Huzzey

Alex Huzzey

The blind man healed by Jesus in John 9 finds himself in the middle of a religious and political minefield.

The Pharisees draw him and his parents into tortuous interrogations about whether he was really healed and who did it, fearing the impact on their own influence, reputation and authority. Theology and religious law are aggressively invoked to explain why the healing cannot possibly have taken place as it did.

And yet at the centre of the drama, a man who cuts through the confusion with a simple truth. ‘Though I was blind, now I see’. He counters the Pharisees’ head knowledge of the rules about Sabbath, sin and cleanliness with his newly acquired heart knowledge – the man he has met, the man they call Jesus; he is from God.

Our culture puts a lot of weight on head knowledge, on the provable, arguable and intellectually rigorous. Outside the Church, the claims of faith appear increasingly ridiculous, whilst inside the church, we sometimes ride roughshod over each other’s lives in the name of one theological perspective or another.

Yet out there in the messy, glorious and mysterious reality of our lives, in all those moments when theological answers may not appear to be forthcoming, satisfying, or life-giving, that’s when I remember the blind man who found he could see again.

Someone who may not have had the authority, learning or social background to be taken seriously by those with power, but who knew that whilst life could be rubbish, he had met the God of the universe, and that this was a God of love, healing and redemption.

A Prayer

God of love, for those times when we are so aware that we see only in a mirror dimly, when our theoretical answers struggle to make sense, may we hold fast to our knowledge of the depth and breadth of your redeeming love for us.

In Jesus’ name,


Tomorrow – Jay Greene, “Take Heart, Daughter”, Matt 9: 22

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  1. Elaine Sommers says:

    Fully endorse your thoughts, Alex. The lives and stories of LGBT Christians must not be ignored, but often are.

Any thoughts?