Voices of Hope – April 17th 2019

“God Will See us Home” (Part 3) – “Confidence in Christ” by the Revd Jenny Clarke

Jenny Clarke

Fear, uncertainty, brokenness, sorrow. It is something we all carry at times. Even Our Lord sorrowed and wept for His people.

And yet we can have a hope and a confidence in Jesus Christ.

There is much to sorrow for in today’s world, and as people of the Gospel we are urged to carry the hope of Christ to those suffering and in need.

But what about our own pain, and our own brokenness? Sometimes that becomes too much, and we are unable to see beyond it.

Our pain may stem from an internal place. Personal brokenness, illness, emotional trauma and mental health issues are things that most of us will experience at one time or another.

Our pain may also come from an external place. The pain of ongoing rejection, broken relationships, the suffering of loved ones.

The bible tells us that Jesus will take our burden from us, replacing it with an “easy yoke, a lighter burden” (Mt 11:28-30), and yet our brokenness continues, one painful thing is healed only to be replaced with another. In our sorrow we may cry to God asking: ‘Where are you?’ Our brokenness and pain are features of the broken world we inhabit, but it is not permanent.

When we meet Christ and choose to follow him in whatever way we are able, God embraces us into God’s family. God began a good work in us. We each began to be transformed into the person God always intended us to be.

The work has begun, but it isn’t yet completed. It’s a long job, but not one without a definite end date. On the day of Jesus return, the good work, the transformation which has begun in all of us, and in the world, will be completed.

We can be confident of this, that the good work which has begun in us, WILL be completed, our brokenness will be healed, our sorrow gone, our pain released.

In my blunt northern way I imagine it like this.

God’s Diary         01.01.01

1.    Jesus

– appointment – Earth

2.    Fix Jenny and Paul and Sam and…

A Prayer

Lord Jesus Christ, who sorrowed and wept like us,

we ask you to share the burden of our current sorrow and the pain of our brokenness.

Help us to remember that we can be certain of an end to our pain,

and that we can be confident of our transformation on the day of your return.


Tomorrow – Claire Jones, “God Is a Starter-Finisher”, Phil 1: 6

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