Voices of Hope – April 18th 2019

“God Will See Us Home” (Part 4) – “God is a Starter-Finisher” by Claire Jones

Claire Jones

I’m a seven new ideas before breakfast sort of person. There are so many good ones to be had: books to be written, projects to be started, groups to be gathered. The problem is, so few of the ideas make it to tea time. I’m quick to lose interest or lose heart.

Fortunately, God does not share this trait.

God’s good work in me started way before breakfast: it began at the moment God first imagined a funny little creature with her dad’s speckled skin and her mother’s stubborn streak. It’s a work he continued as he whispered his love into my young heart; as he offered me freedom and forgiveness through Jesus; as he breathed new life through dry bones; as he called me to join him in all-consuming adventure.

It’s the same work that God has begun in his Church.

Here, strangers are knit together as family. Here, freedom and forgiveness are proclaimed by the unlikeliest preachers. Here, purpose and passion spill out of the door. God has surely begun a good work in us.

And yet… God’s good work is too often marred. There are so many times when my courage gives way.

When my words aren’t enough.

When my love dries up.

When my faithfulness fails.

The truth that I cling to is that God will finish the job. God doesn’t lose interest and he will not lose heart. He is faithful in finishing the work he has begun, and so there is always another chance to get it right. I am a masterpiece, as yet unfinished.

Here too is my hope for the Church of England, my Church that I love and am preparing to serve. God is not finished with us yet. This is our hope, when our courage gives way.

When our words aren’t enough.

When our love dries up.

When our faithfulness fails.

There is another chance to get it right. We are Christ’s workmanship, the love of his life, the house he has chosen, the body he dwells in. And we are his masterpiece that will one day be complete.

A Prayer

Faithful God, thank you for the good work you’ve started in me and in us.

Please give me faith today to trust that you will finish the job.

Give me vision to see how you are at work today. Give me the grace to join in, now and always.


Tomorrow – the Revd Peter Leonard, “Being Prophetic”, Micah 6: 8

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