Kate’s Story

by Kate, a transgender woman from the north of England, who bravely shares her horrific experience of being prayed for in three different evangelical churches.


This is spiritual abuse, and shows clearly why a ban on conversion therapy must include religious practices, including prayer.

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1 Response to Kate’s Story

  1. Revd Canon Dr Michael Blyth says:

    Dear Kate, it’s very brave of you to share your story. I hope that you have found some peace since those horrible experiences and a place of worship where you are now accepted and nourished. The second ‘deliverance’ procedure you endured involved extended physical restraint which was assault, as well as lengthy emotional abuse. All the three instances in different congregations were spiritually abusive and largely without warning: and the third took no account whatsoever of confidentiality. These ‘ministries’ are more about the egos of those ministering than the wellbeing of the recipient. ‘Christianity’ does not have to be like that: every child of God should be honoured, respected and cherished for who they are. Calling on the name of Jesus to punish and correct is a grave misrepresentation of the gospel. One of the most frightening things one can ever hear is to be told you have a demon. Very few people have demons. Most of us have ordinary problems. We are entitled to expect kindness and support from a Christian community. I am sorry that your Christian brothers (I notice they all seem to be men) have so singularly failed you.

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